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Japanese Collection: a unique selection of documentaries of Japanese Culture: Theatre, Music, Visual Art, Architectureand design and more. Subscribe or BUY DVD
The Japanese
Noh Theatre
Selected Scenes
Gagaku: Music For Eternity The Music of the
Noh Theatre
The Lover`s Exile
The Leach Pottery,
Potters at Work The Visas that
Saved Lives
The Soul of the
Future Wave -
Japanese Design
Kochuu: Japanese Architecture / Influence & Origin Samurai in Space
- Shinkichi Tajiri
Manga Mad
Cine Dance: The Butoh of Tatsumi Hijikata Zen and I:
The life of zen priest Tachibana Taiki
Shodo: Japanese Caligraphy in Daily Life Noh play "Tale of Genji" excerpts
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Classical Japanese Puppet Art
Kabuki Techniques Kabuki Classics:
Onoe Baiko VII in
The Salt Gatherer

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