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Artfilms launches with special enjoyment a unique series of films by Sue Healey,... "a masterful filmmaker, choreographer and performance-maker ....a lingering memory of shining bodies, of flesh made golden and luminescent...they dance the dynamics dreams of a species." (RealTime). Sue Healey and her artist collaborators are some of the best contemporary experimenting dancers, choreographers - visionnaires in dance and film and new aesthetics.

The Curiosities
At the heart of this series is a curiosity for form. As a collection of works The Curiosities looks at the architecture of the human body - its intricate structure and evolution, and physical and emotional complexities.
Disc 1. The Curiosities: A full length performance in collaboration with leading scientists, new media artists and dancers.
Disc 2. Short Dance Films: Reading the Body (installation), Alma & Ena, Reading the Body (video), The Curiosities 14 mins
ISBN: 978-1-922007-11-7    A$250 / A$213 / A$45
In Time
Disc 1: Inevitable Scenarios: This is dance about time and timing - in a world that seems to accelerate by the second - Inevitable Scenarios explores the puzzles, paradoxes and our inevitable surrender to this slippery subject.
Disc 2: As You Take Time
Disc 3: Short Dance films: Three Times, Once in a Blue Moon,
Will Time Tell?, 13 & 32
ISBN: 978-1-922007-09-4    A$320 / A$272 / A$65
The Niche series is devoted to the choreographed body and its intricate occupation of space. Fantasies on habit, habitat and habitation, this work has traversed film, video, live performance, gallery installation and international collaboration.
Disc 1: Fine Line Terrain: This is dance that explores the subtle intricacies of our relationship to the space around us.
Disc 2: Short Dance films: Niche, Fine Line, The Door, the Chair,
the Bed & the Stair
ISBN: 978-1-922007-10-0    A$250 / A$213 / A$45
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