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  NEW! DVD & STREAMING - Artfilms releases a visually mesmerizing documentary on Indian Warli Painting. With an emphasis on the changing face of traditions, the film explores Indian Warli art from the perspective of its essential functionality, It`s role within the tribal community, it`s roots in rituals and worship. Featured on several film festivals internationally, this documentary by Anna Pitscheider will provide you with a view on art and creativity in its most innate form, as a fundemental element of human life.  
Subject Area: Visual Art / World: Asia
Sun and Moon and the God of Rain
The film begins with an interview with Jivya Soma Mashe who rose to fame in the '70s as the first male warli painter, passionately dedicating himself to painting on a daily basis thereby breaking with the female ritual tradition. The primary questions for human beings are very simple: "where does happiness come from?", "where does unhappiness come from?", "is there anything permanent in this planet?". English, Maharati and Warli interweave in an attempt to sketch a portrait of the man who has developed his individual imaginative vision while still remaining in touch with the cosmology of his tribe. Read more...

DVD: £110 / A$205

© Anna Pitscheider | Alberto Osella & Partners
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