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Zak Zebra

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Zak Zebra


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On the plains of the Serengeti, a young character, Zak Zebra, takes on the task of the dangerous quest even as the adults in his community (the Ostrich Chorus, Zelda, his mother and Sangoma, the witchdoctor) retreat from their responsibilities. But Zak is supported in this dangerous endeavour by his unusual cluster of friends, a grouping that suggests that, while difference is an immutable fact of life (Zak's parents do not approve of him mixing with a lion and a cheetah cub because of the intrinsic dangers they pose to his existence), there is much to be gained by team-work and co-operation rather than adversarial politicking. These implications are further developed and deconstructed in the characters of the Big Game Hunter, Lord Fauntleroy, and his side-kick, Japie, on the one hand, and the Hyena Trio on the other, whose inability to work as a team is what ultimately destroys their mission. The e-book contains a vast array of images, the entire play script, director's notes and video clips.

Jenny de Reuck is an Associate Professor in the Theatre and Drama Programme at Murdoch University in Western Australia. She writes and directs original plays for children that are performed annually in Nexus Theatre on campus and have been produced as far afield as Chile, Malaysia and Singapore. Her research and practice include the diverse fields of Theatre in Education and Shakespearean adaptations but her primary objective is to offer her students and their audiences a provocative - as well as entertaining - theatrical experience.

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