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Woodford Folk Festival Collection - 3 DVD

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Woodford Folk Festival Collection - 3 DVD


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Every year, a valley in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland is transformed for six days and nights of celebration, 500 events, 22 stages, 2,500 performers, 130,000 patrons from around the world. In the valley’s village, traders ply their wares, travelers meet exchange tales and fellowship, clowns wander, acrobats soar, leap and turn, tall things of wood clank by, painted faces appear then vanish.

All about, kaleidoscopes of movement, laughter, smoke, light and fire. And everywhere there is music. Flamenco, tabla, zither, string, harp, drum, piano, and voice, if it makes sound it’s bound to be here. There are stars, discoveries, big names and things never to be repeated.

A unique and exciting series featuring  Australian and international folk music NOW.


Woodford Folk Festival 2004-05
Woodford Folk Festival 2005-06
Woodford Folk Festival 2006-07

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