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Woodford Folk Festival 2006-2007

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Woodford Folk Festival 2006-2007


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Every year, a valley in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland is transformed for six days and nights of celebration, 500 events, 22 stages, 2,500 performers, 130,000 patrons from around the world. In the valley’s village, traders ply their wares, travelers meet exchange tales and fellowship, clowns wander, acrobats soar, leap and turn, tall things of wood clank by, painted faces appear then vanish.

All about, kaleidoscopes of movement, laughter, smoke, light and fire. And everywhere there is music. Flamenco, tabla, zither, string, harp, drum, piano, and voice, if it makes sound it’s bound to be here. There are stars, discoveries, big names and things never to be repeated.


Discover the essence of one of the world’s great festivals on this captivating DVD which this year features are The John Butler Trio , Kaki King , Greg Sheehan, Hamell on Trial, Umbilical Brothers, Ash Grunwald, John Williamson, Mal Webb, Gerry Connolly as The Queen, LABJACD, The Woodford Eleven, Circle of Rhythm, Dva, Greenlife, Victor Valdez & Waiting for Guinness, Wild Marmalade, Zanzibar le crazy Frenchman, Inventions in Time, The Fumes, Tom Tom Club, The Flamenco Crew, Sean Choolburra, Big Rory, Zanzibar le crazy frenchman, Damsels in Distress, Mr Qwirk, Curried Away, The Fire Ceremony, 3 Minutes of Silence, The Rhythm Festival, First Sunrise of the Year & The Opening Ceremony.

 “It’s really special. I think it’s the best festival I’ve ever played. Its covering more aspects and more dimensions than just playing music for as many people as possible. It’s like 10 times more than that. There’s a real ethic behind it.”   John Butler


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