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Wind in Our Hair: a Film by Lynne Sachs

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Wind in Our Hair: a Film by Lynne Sachs


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Inspired by the stories of Argentine writer Julio Cortázar, yet blended with the realities of contemporary Argentina, “Wind in Our Hair” is an experimental narrative directed by New York filmmaker Lynne Sachs about four girls discovering themselves through a fascination with the trains that pass by their house.
A story of early-teen anticipation and disappointment, “Wind in Our Hair” is circumscribed by a period of profound Argentine political and social unrest. Shot with 16mm, Super 8mm, Regular 8mm film and video, the film follows the girls to the train tracks, into kitchens, on sidewalks, in costume stores, and into backyards in the heart of Buenos Aires as well as the outskirts of town.

Sachs and her Argentine collaborators move about Buenos Aires with their cameras, witnessing the four playful girls as they wander a city embroiled in a debate about the role of agribusiness, food resources and taxes. Using an intricately constructed Spanish-English “bilingual” soundtrack, Sachs and her co-editor, Puerto Rican filmmaker Sofia Gallisá, articulate this atmosphere of urban turmoil spinning about the young girls’ lives.
“Wind in Our Hair” also includes the daring, ethereal music of Argentine singer Juana Molina.

With 2 Short Films:
Photograph of Wind by Lynne Sachs 16mm, b&w and color, 4 min. 2001

My daughter’s name is Maya. I’ve been told that the word maya means illusion in Hindu philosophy. As I watch her growing up, spinning like a top around me, I realize that her childhood is not something I can grasp but rather - like the wind - something I feel tenderly brushing across my cheek.

“Noa, Noa” by Lynne Sachs 8 min., 16mm on DVD, B&W and Color, sound 2006

Over the course of three years, Sachs collaborated with her daughter Noa (from 5 to 8 years old), criss-crossing the wooded landscapes of Brooklyn with camera and costumes in hand. Noa’s grand finale is her own rendition of the bluegrass classic “Crawdad Song”.

"Sachs’ brilliant mixture of film formats complements the shifts in mood from innocent amusement to protest." - Dean Otto (Walker Art Center)

"I completely felt Cortazar’s stories throughout. The fluidity in which a ludic and serious tone mix and the combined sense of lightness and deepness capture the author’s vision" - Monika Wagenberg (Cinema Tropical)

"A visit to Buenos Aires and short stories by Julio Cortazar inspired the dreamy narrative Wind in Our Hair (2009, 42 min.), which deals with sisterhood, children’s games, passing trains, and brief encounters." - Andrea Gronvall (Chicago Reader)

"Places equal value on the intimacy of the girls’ lives and their growing awareness of those social forces encroaching on their kingdom." -Carolyn Tennant (Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, Buffalo, New York)

"The film moves from childhood's earthbound, cloistered spaces into the skittering beyond of adolescence, exploding with anticipation and possibility." - Todd Lillethun (Chicago Filmmakers)

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