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Who Gets to Call it Art? - The New York art scene of the 60's

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Who Gets to Call it Art? - The New York art scene of the 60's


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Featuring never-before-seen footage of legendary artists, exclusive interviews and an elite variety of the ‘Who’s Who’ New York entertainment scene. The film explores one of the most creatively fertile periods of American Art, profiling Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, Roy Lichtenstein, Frank Stella, David Hockney, and James Rosenquist… pioneers of the New York Pop Art scene, who shocked the world with their amazing talent and ability to capture inner beauty while redefining the meaning of art.

Director Peter Rosen provides a glimpse into the world of Henry Geldzahler – considered to be the man most responsible for popularizing modern American art. “Who Gets To Call It Art?” beautifully captures the exhilaration of a decade in which the conventions of art were tested and transformed.

Henry Geldzahler acted as a visionary having the ability to recognize the non-traditional raw talent at the forefront of the New York pop art movement. He reveled in the hip and debaucherous parties that marked the downtown artists' community, never missing an event that promised to draw only the biggest and brightest stars of art and music. Not only was Henry a curator to the artists whose work he championed, he was also accepted as one of their own. He had an unsurpassed eye for identifying talent and was single-handedly responsible for curating the largest and most controversial exhibit of modern art ever shown at the Metropolitan Museum: New York Painting and Sculpture 1940-1970.

With extraordinary music from the period, including The Velvet Underground, CAN, Eric Dolphy, and the Monks, Who Gets to Call It Art? shares a vibrant look at ten amazing years when American artists challenged all conventions and forever changed the world of art.

Artists featured on the documentary include: David Hockney, Larry Poons, Frank Stella, James Rosenquist, Mark di Suvero, Francesco Clemente, John Chamberlain, Ivan Karp, Calvin Tompkins, George Lois, Ellsworth Kelly, Jonas Mekas, Jasper
Johns, Robert Rauschenburg, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Willem deKooning, David Smith, Franz Kline, and Jackson Pollack.
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Special features on the DVD include additional extended artist interviews, Claes Oldenburg’s Film Happening: “Fotodeath”, Q&A with Peter Rosen, James Rosenquist and Larry Poons.

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