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Visionaries 21 Collection

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Visionaries 21 Collection


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Artfilms launches Visionaries 21 - a growing collection featuring artworks by visionary creators who are blurring the boundaries between art and science.

Bosch & Simons` Music Machines are installations based on vibration and resonance. The holographic installations of Martina Mrongovius entice viewers to move around the space to reveal the animated scenes. Ulf Langheinrich`s projects utilise photography, sound and video, light, and technology, to create sensory environments that seek to question the conventions of multimedia. Internationally acclaimed, Craig Walsh - by using high-end technology to merge virtual and real spaces - turns everyday locations into sites of wonder. Stelarc is a performance artist whose works focuses heavily on extending the capabilities of the human body, centred around his concept that the human body is obsolete. In MEART a portrait is created by a robotic arm by interacting with living rat brain cells.

The titles in more details:

Visionaries 21 : Blurring the boundaries

Visionaries 21 : Holographic Perspective

Visionaries 21 : The Music Machines by Bosch & Simons, 1989-2012

Visionaries 21 : Stelarc - The Body is Obsolete

Visionaries 21 : The aesthetic of sensory overload

Is This Art? - Volume 4: MEART The Semi Living Artist






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