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VideoWorks is an introduction into the major works created by Bello Benischauer and ART IN PROCESS (AIP) until 2011. The work that reached international acclaim over the years, discusses socio-cultural issues on various levels. Whilst developing on the relationship between installation, video, performance and live art. It demonstrates a strong experimental character through the use of various improvisation techniques. It is based on surveying cultural similarities and differences in terms of identity and belonging. And also responds to modalities of globalisation, growing urbanity and multiculturalism. AIP summarise their work on this Blu-ray Disc under four different sections: Interdisciplinary Projects, Video Art, Video Installations and Documentations.

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Ships in 1-3 days. 50% consignment basis whereby CAM holds some stock here on an as-needs basis. Payments made to Bello quarterly.

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