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Video-Animation & Sound Art - Paul Fletcher

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Video-Animation & Sound Art - Paul Fletcher


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Paul Fletcher is interested in the relationship between sound and animated motion..  He works on individual film and live performance projects, including exploration of the intersection of abstraction and narrative and the invention of custom built audiovisual instruments. The 3 Disc compilations presents a selection of the most significant works of video/animation & sound artist, Paul Fletcher incorporating animation, visual poetry, narrative and sound compositions.

Disc 1  Flickering Perception (25:30 mins)
Four short films exploring perception and transmission of animated image, sound and dynamic narrative.  Chaos 549  (5:49 mins), The Program (6:41 mins), Test Transmission  (5:11 mins), Red Moon Black Ocean  (7:49 mins)

Disc 2 Noise Vision (24:20 mins)
Eight short films that explore idiosyncratic visual poetry combining music, motion noise and ambient atmosphere.   Cell storm  (0:41 mins), My Cousin Eds Holiday  (7:00 mins), Microcosmica  (0:59 mins), Creature From the Fractal Lagoon  (1:54 mins), Cape Qualm  (4:08 mins) 42720   (4:17 mins), Media Swamp  (3:09 mins), White Christmas  (2:12 mins)

Disc 3 Narrative Abstraction (21.03)
Four short films that fuse narrative with abstraction. This is a fusion of; visual music and narrative, past and present, real and ethereal. Polyphonic compositions of animated sound, image and narrative cues. Dreamlake (4:22 mins) Eleven (4:35 mins) Insectaesthesia  (4:39 mins) City of Dust   (7:27 mins)

Also Included the Master Thesis (research) by Paul Fletcher:
An abstract narrative form of film.
Can an abstract form of film successfully include elements of, the concrete representation based, narrative film form? PDF

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Paul started experimenting with Super 8 film in his last two years of high school, 1978/79. At this time he produced several films, using Super 8 to experiment with audio visual collage techniques, drawing and direct manipulation of film media, basic pixillation and stop motion. He completed a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art/Media Art at Philip Institute (now RMIT) specialising in sound, film/video and screenprinting. In 2008 Paul completed a Masters in Film & Television on the subject of "An Abstract Narrative form of film" at VCAM Faculty of Melbourne University.
Between 1980 and 1985 he performed as a drummer for experimental music group "Essendon Airport" and pursued a lifelong interest in collecting junk, in particular discarded trinkets and toys. This collection led to the production of 15 short films. These stopmotion animated, Super 8 films were both individualistic and ironic pastiches of mainstream cliches and forms such as, Soap Opera, Romance, Horror and Science Fiction, and the now common Mockumentary; all in highly condensed and mangled form. Films from this period include Dolls (1981), Space Mutants (1982), Rover Dog Elvis (1983).
In the early nineties Paul moved into the production of a twenty minute animated film on 16mm
Watch This Space (1991) and then quickly moved back to the do it yourself low budget ethic in its new digital form with Josie and the Tecno Bunnies (1993), and Virtual Shopper (1995).
Presently Paul has been continuing his fascination with the relationship of sound and animated
motion creating short films, installations and working as sound and music composer for Robert
Stephenson's animated film Lucky For Some (2004), Tom Fraser's The boy who loved the rain (2006), and Magda Booths' Broken Spell (2007) and Dot Com (2008). Susan Mc Minns'   The Last Warhorse.
Paul is currently a Lecturer in the Animation Department of the VCA School of Film & Television, and is also working collaboratively with multi-discipline central Victorian art collective Punctum, and Undue Noise and Equivocal. Paul continues his individual film and live performance projects. 2006 saw the development of a live cinema performance system for the project Dreamlake. Hidden Creatures is an ongoing animated film and public exhibition project which began in 2008. 2009 saw the premiere of Insectaesthesia included as a live art improvised film construction at Castlemaine State Festival 2009 and as a linear short film in MIAF, the Melbourne International Animation Festival.


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