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By Werner Nekes

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English/German dialogues loosely based on "Ulysses" by James Joyce, "The Odyssey" by Homer, "The Warp" by Neil Oram.

The film is a Homeric journey through the history of cinema. Its theme is based on the mythological Odyssey of Homer, the Ulysses of James Joyce, and the synthetic figure, Telemach/Phil, from the 24-hour-long piece «The Warp,» by Neil Oram. Werner Nekes combines these three figures, and he shows their stories within the history of «lighterature,» writing with light = film. His central theme, however, is visual language in of itself: Odysseus/Bloom is transformed into Uli the Photographer, Penelope/Molly into his model, and Telemach/Stephen into Phil, who begins his «Telemachia». The connecting of their three lives occurs during the course of a single day, in September of 1980, in Germany's industrial Ruhrgebiet region, preceding the elections in the Federal Republic.

Team: Bernd Upnmoor, Birger Bustorff, Dore 0., Herbert Jeschke, Volker Bertzky, Gisela Schanzenbach, Astrid Nicklaus, Werner Nekes.
Ton: Anthony Moore, Helge Schneider und Musiker des Science Fiction Theatre of Liverpool.
With VA Wölfl, Tabea Bloomenschein, Russel Denton, Shehzad Abbas, Sarah Antill, Jim Broadbent, Birger Bustorff, Ken Campbell, Joolia Cappleman, Lee Cornes. Jacqueline da Costa, Lewis Cowen, Suzan Crowley, Neil Cunningham, Mitch Davies, Henry Davis, Bob Flag, Wanda Goodenufski, Kef, Adad, Hannah. Annie Hulley, Richard Howard, Terry Johnson, John Joyce, Richard Kilgour, Wolfgang Liesen, Maria Moustaka, Jonathan, Rona, Werner Nekes, Dore 0., Neil Oram, Bunny Reed, Carolin, Günter Romeik, Anabel Temple, Ariane, Nicola Traub, Bernd Upnmoor, Robert Walker, Simon Watkins, Txi Whizz.

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