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Artaud : To Have Mostly Done with the Judgement of God

Theatrical Essay of Artaud's Radio Play

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Artaud : To Have Mostly Done with the Judgement of God


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This is a film of Ozfrank’s theatrical essay that smokes out the text of Antonin Artaud’s radio play: To have done with the judgement of god. Directed by John Nobbs and Jacqui Carroll, this work is a surreal homage to the insane, but often perceptive mind of Artaud, the French madman/genius.

Artaud’s eccentric and poetic words are framed by a fantasmagorical series of scenes that warmly evoke the furthest reaches of his hallucinations- the same hallucinations that drove him mad, AND provided inspiration for the great theatrical movements that emerged after his untimely death.

A chorus of three men and one woman torment and cajole M. Artaud as he lies on his hospital barouche to a plangent score of sampled sounds and tunes…

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