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Theatre du Mouvement Full Collection

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Theatre du Mouvement Full Collection


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The work of Theatre Du Movement has been a major influence in the development of contemporary mime and visual theatre. Established in 1975 by its present artistic directors, Claire Heggen and Yves Marc, the Theatre du Mouvement has been seen in sixty countries. 

This collection includes all of the Theatre du Mouvement performance DVDs spanning over three decades of award-winning physical theatre.

This collection includes:

Volume 1: The Mutants (Les Mutants) 37 mins

Volume 2: Theatre for Children - 3 Disks

Disk One: Catherine and the Wardrobe (Catherine et l’Armoire) 25 mins A Funny Home (Un Drôle de Logis) 46 mins

Disk Two: Krops and the Magiciel (Krops et le Magiciel) 58 mins
Disk Three: Little Cepou (Le petit Cépou ) 60 mins
Disk Four: Bugs 48 mins

Volume 3: The Theatre du Mouvement in Africa
Black Masks and White Masks (Masques Noirs, Masques Blancs) 8 mins
Tezirzek 18 mins

Volume 4: Another Short Hour (Encore une Heure si Courte) 65 mins

Volume 5: The Letter (Lettre au Porteur) 46 mins

Volume 6: The Seat or A Chronical of Chronic Fear (Siège ou Chronique d’une Peur Chronique) 71 mins

Volume 7: Embodied Theatre  3 Disks
Disk One: If the Mona Lisa Had Legs (Si la Joconde avait des Jambes) 66 mins
Disk Two: The Path is Made by Walking - Solo (Le Chemin Se Fait en Marchant) 92 mins
Disk Three: I Think Therefore it Shows (Je Pense Donc Ca Se Voit) 85 mins

Volume 8: Mime's Great and Small Stories
Should We Take Mimes At Their Word? (Faut-il Croire les Mimes sur Parole ?) 68 mins
Under the White Mask (Blancs.. Sous le Masque) 111 mins

Volume 9:The Lost Song of Little Nothings (Le Chant Perdu des Petits Riens) 61 mins

Language: French


‘Exhilarating and consummate performers in a medium with practically limitless possibilities’. Le Monde.

Item is available worldwide.

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