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Theatre du Mouvement Children's Collection

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Theatre du Mouvement Children's Collection


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This collection includes all of the Theatre du Mouvement's children's performance DVDs.

Disc 1 :
Catherine and the Wardrobe (Catherine et l’Armoire) 25 mins, 1985, Ages 6-11
In her family's wardrobe, Catherine discovers some strange masked creatures. Her fascination is matched only by her apprehension towards them. The masks, little by little, seduce her, entertain her, and initiate her. Even her incredulous father lets himself be taken into the strange universe of the masks. "Catherine et l'Armoire" is a performance for children from the longer play "Tant que la tete est sur le cou"

A Funny Home (Un Drole de Logis) 46 mins, 1991, ages 4-7
Mister Jasmine lives alone. Some unusual and playful characters living in his refrigerator, washing machine and heating vents will disturb his peaceful existence. His astonishment and curiosity lead him into incredible and unpredictable adventures.

Disc 2
Krops and the Magiciel (Krops et le Magiciel) 
58 mins, 1987, ages 6 and up
In a medieval attic, Krops, a bedridden astrologer's servant, discovers a strange object: a “magiciel”. It has the power to animate furniture, to make suitcases dance and strange characters appear. These unexpected apparitions become the way for Krops to discover his feet, his legs, and to launch headlong into learning to walk.

Disc 3
Little Cepou (Le Petit Cepou)
60 mins, 2001
Based on the book "Insomnies" by Pepito Mateo. A wonder-tale of yesterday and today, of here and there. Tom Thumb of the suburbs in his concrete jungle will play on his fears in order to overcome them. Tom Thumb will then confront his monsters and finally discover his own human condition. A fairy tale for young and old. A fairy tale to teach us all how to grow up.

Disc 4
Bugs 48 mins, 1992
The greatest fear of the Bugs, half-human, half-insect creatures, is that they will return to their original state of being insects. They wish to look like human beings. This fable about human animality is an opportunity to enhance their failings: thefts, jealousy, fights, acts of cannibalism, violence and mockery are dealt with in a metaphorical way. The characters, with their strange gestures, seem to have come straight out from a science-fiction movie.

"Making of Bugs" 10 mins. - in French only

Language: French

Established in 1975 by its present artistic directors, Claire Heggen and Yves Marc, the Theatre du Mouvement has been seen in sixty countries. Expert and entertaining, their work has been a major influence in the development of contemporary mime and visual theatre.


Item is available worldwide.

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