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IN NEGOTIATION - The Yellow Wallpaper

IN NEGOTIATION - The Yellow Wallpaper

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The performance is based on the famous short story written by the American feminist writer Charlotte Perkins Gilman in 1892. It depicts the story of a woman who is locked up by her husband in a room decorated with yellow wallpaper. She lives her life between these walls, deprived of any stimuli from the external world. As she is hallucinating, she sees a woman's face appearing through the walls: the face of her alter ego. Together they examine aspects of her character that have led to her detention. Her visions are reifications of the clash between female sensuousness and male rationality. The piece is a combination of grotesque, comic and tragic elements of drama and dance.

The performance was the outcome of the collaboration of English actress Sacha Hails and Hungarian choreographer and dancer, Yvette Bozsik. It received the International Critics' Award for Best Dance Production and The Herald's Angel Award for Excellence in Edinburgh in 1995. 

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