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The Soapboxers,The Ringers and Auction Day: Preserving a Tradition

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The Soapboxers,The Ringers and Auction Day: Preserving a Tradition


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Award winning short documentaries

The Soapboxers
Filmed at the historic Hyde Park "Speakers Corner" in London.
This film is a tour of serious odd-ball characters jumping up and down on their soap-boxes with their unique Londoner's humor as they threaten, cajole and entreat us to mend our ways.
Politics, sex or religion, nothing is out of bounds, or beyond the often, outrageous retorts from the hecklers. Nothing is too taboo or sacred, and no one is safe from the voices of dissent. Besides the usual mix of bohemian radicals also included are fundamentalist, doctors, prohibitionists, and the occasional raving lunatic.The film includes a rare interview with Lord Soper at 93. Donald Soper's international reputation as a dedicated evangelical speaker included a "soap-box" Ministry every Sunday in Hyde Park. (17 minutes)

The Ringers
Bellringers have been called "the invisible music makers". A community banded together by the passion for making those "whacking great sounds"…" that are often taken for granted when they ‘ring out’ from church towers.
The film reveals something of the joy of blending intellectual and manual skills in making the same sounds that may have been heard hundreds of years ago.are a tight community of enthusiasts who delight in  producing the "whacking great sounds" that ring out from church towers. From locations in the USA and England here is a rare glimpse of the personalities at the ends of the ropes in a joyful blending of manual and mental skills in this ancient tradition. (8 minutes)

Ringing Any Day & Sunday 

In a private home set in the idyllic English countryside a couple have installed a "ring of bells" on which they and their friends practice their bellringing together for serious fun. The short documentary focuses on a group of ringers inside a private house in Keele, England. This is a rare glimpse of an intimate ‘ring of eight bells’ and the personalities at the end of the ropes. (5 minutes)


Auction Day: Preserving a Tradition
Do you know the art of auctioneering…?
Auction Day captures a precious national asset that may soon disappear. Filmed in Wales in the UK the film shows a community of farmers, sheep dealers and auctioneers on ‘market day’. 
Farmers with storybook faces nod, wink and send secret signals to the auctioneer. They are 21st century shepherds with a heritage rooted in biblical times. Dealers with canny eyes shake hands and heads, looking for bargain lots.
Bewildered sheep are offloaded from trucks and trailers to be prodded, preened and then pushed into the sales arena. Their teeth, wool, the shape of their heads and their pedigree are all carefully assessed before the bidding begins.
Finally, the sold ewes and rams are packed into vans and are on their way to new home ground. Their lambs will survive tough lives in the high hills and mountains and will be coming to another “Auction Day” next year to continue the farmers cycle that holds the countryside as a unique national asset.
In the film, the relationship between farmer and wily auctioneer, part of a long heritage of symbiotic friendships, is delightfully revealed in humorous cameos.  The gentle auctioneer, Meirion Morris, tells his “sheep tales” with delightful charm. (16 minutes)



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