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The Romance of Orpheus

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The Romance of Orpheus


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The age-old tale of Orpheus' journey to the Underground to get back his beloved Eurydice, cruelly bitten by a snake and taken by Hades, is here told in a gripping ritual of movement and sound.

"Impassivity is impossible as you are slowly immersed into a cauldron of seething primal power and sanguine imagery; this is an awesome experience.’
Rave Magazine 1993

‘This is a deeply satisfying work and one of those rare occasions when one feels privileged to be in the audience." - Theatre Australasia 1993


"…Transformative theatrical experiences, which unite the physical with the spiritual, are the rewards of strenuous discipline and imagination on the part of the performers. Here the alchemy is right. If you wanted to convince new audiences what the overworked old phrase “the magic of theatre” can mean, The Romance of Orpheus amply demonstrates it." - The Australian 1994

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