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The Last Journey

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The Last Journey


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This documentary follows the footsteps of Csoma Koros, the founder of scientific Tibetan studies through the personal experience and spiritual journey of the filmmaker. Transylvanian Hungarian linguist Alexander Csoma de Koros in 1819, aged 35, set out towards Asia to find the distant ancestors of the Hungarian people. He made the whole journey entirely on foot.  He walked through the Balkan Peninsula, Asia Minor, Persia and the length of Northern India. It was a perilous journey, fraught with many dangerous encounters.

Speaking 17 languages, he worked with the Asian Society of Bengal to earn money to see him through to the end of his journey to Inner Asia. He lived mainly among Tibetan Buddhist monks at the edge of Tibet and he fully adapted to their incredibly Spartan lifestyle. By 1834 he had completed his most famous works: Essay Towards a Dictionary Tibetan and English, and A Grammar of Tibetan Language in English.With these works Csoma initiated in the West the scientific study of the Tibetan language and literature.

His humbleness, his almost superhuman working capacity and his moral behaviour commanded great respect amongst the ascetic monks and lamas. His name is widely respected amongst Oriental scholars all around the world. In Japan, he is venerated as a Boddhisatva of the West.

He died in Dardjeeling, on his way to Lhasa, Tibet, in 1842. The film follows the main stages of Csoma’s journey from the Southern part of Ladaks, one of the last truly remote places in the world, to the most lively city of Calcutta, and from there to Dardjeeling, “The abode of lighting”, Csoma’s eternal resting place. The film next journeys through the modern German town of Gottingen, where Csoma studied and from there via Vienna and Budapest to his birthplace in Csomakoros, Transylvania.

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