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The Gloucester 18 - The Realities of Teen Pregnancy

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The Gloucester 18 - The Realities of Teen Pregnancy


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In 2008, eighteen high school girls from Gloucester, Massachusetts were accused of making a pact to become pregnant. The mainstream media perpetuated and sensationalized the story, with reporters flying in from as far away as Australia, the UK, and Brazil. The Gloucester 18 looks behind all the headlines and hype to tell the real stories of these girls, and in the process puts a human face on a startling statistic: that the United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the developed world.
The filmmakers draw on interviews with the girls, their families, high school counselors, physicians, and media personalities to unpack what really happened, and explore the complicated emotional and practical challenges faced by teens on the brink of motherhood. An excellent resource for high school health classes, teen pregnancy prevention programs, and courses in psychology, adolescent development, public health, and education.

Filmmaker Info
Director: John Michael Williams
Producer: Kristen Grieco Executive
Producer: John Michael Williams
Associate Producer: Joseph Provenzano
Editors: Christo Tsiaras & Joseph Provenzano
Story: Kristen Grieco & John Michael Williams
Production Crew: Glen Chalek
Consultants: Frank Drucker, Jennifer Hefferman & Jacqeline Williams
Director of Photography: Donald McIntosh, Edward Marcotti & Brian Dowley
Second Unit Camera Operators: Joe Christofori, Martin Albert, Thomas Danielczik & Joseph Vitagliano Original
Music: John Michael Williams & Stuart Kollmorgen
Sound Design: Big Yello Duck
Sound Mixer: John Osborne, Fred Burnham, Steve Bores, Mario Cardenas, Frank DeAngelis Music: John Gerard, Beyonce, SOLANGE, Killer Tracks Archival Research: Kristen Grieco

JOHN MICHAEL WILLIAMS | Executive Producer and Director John is a writer, director, composer, and children's book author who wrote the screenplay, lyrics and music to The Easter Egg Escapade, an animated 88-minute feature he directed, starring Brooke Shields, James Woods, and Natalie Cole. Based on a children's book he wrote, the film won the "Best Music in a Film" award at the Jackson Hole Film Festival, "Best Animated Film" at the Idaho film festival, Spudfest, and honors at the Hollywood Film Festival. John has performed on the Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon and NBC's Halloween on Ice, which he wrote. Most recently, John directed the Guatemalan documentary film No Money For Butter, for which he also composed the score.

FRANK DRUCKER | Executive Producer Frank Drucker has been producing and directing for 21 years in both New York and Los Angeles. His film credits include producer of The Easter Egg Escapade, and as special effects coordinator on Star Trek V, Little Shop of Horrors, The Chair, and Doug's First Movie. His television experience includes producer of Martha Stewart Living for CBS, director/producer of Video Mods on MTV2, producer on Sesame Street and as a producer on a variety of shows for HBO and Disney Channel. In addition to producing dozens of music videos and several hundred commercials, Frank has been Executive Producer/Head of Production for major studios Klasky Csupo in Los Angeles and Curious Pictures in New York.

KRISTEN GRIECO | Producer/Story Kristen, a former reporter for the Gloucester Daily Times, first broke the news of something strange going on with the Gloucester High teen pregnancy rate in March 2008, when only 10 girls were pregnant and rumors were surfacing of a clique becoming pregnant on purpose. She is originally from the Boston area and has an M.S. in Journalism from Boston University.

JOSEPH PROVENZANO | Associate Producer/Story Joseph is a Boston-based screenwriter, director and producer. He has written five feature film screenplays and produced and directed dozens of short films. Shortly after graduating from Emerson College, he directed his debut feature film, Night Sounds, which he also produced and co-wrote. Night Sounds won rave reviews at Massachusetts film festivals, and he is currently working on the follow-up to his directorial debut.

"We were universally moved. The power of the individual stories, set in the broader context of their lives, and in the larger story of adolescent sexuality and parenting, stayed with us all for days following the viewing. What happened in Gloucester means something about how we as a society understand young people and their intentions, and how we frame teen pregnancy overall. Your film provides a platform for unearthing the complexities of teen sex, pregnancy, and parenting. I have been working to address teen pregnancy for more than 15 years, and I doubt I could have done a better job of telling the story of who teen parents are." - Patricia Quinn | Executive Director of Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy

"One of the nation's great success stories of the past two decades has been the extraordinary declines in teen pregnancy and childbearing. The recent, alarming turnaround in the teen birth rate, however, is a stark reminder that our collective efforts on this front are far from over. The Gloucester 18 is a sober, engaging, and thoughtful reminder that road ahead will not be easy. The documentary makes clear that adolescence pregnancy is a complex problem -- not an issue captured in headlines and soundbites. It paints a detailed portrait of the profound challenges of early parenthood and its generational effects." - Bill Albert | Chief Program Officer of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

"Every high school girl should see this film on the first day of high school and every year after." - Margaret Hoover | O'Reilly Factor Culture Warrior

"This film ... should be mandatory viewing for every teen in the country." - Yvonne Abraham | The Boston Globe

"The Gloucester 18 is a great teaching tool for many levels of educators and providers; the framing of this issue by media vs. public health is a great point of discussion. In addition, it is a great conversation starter with youth. The teen parents are relatable and real in their remarks about getting pregnant and parenting at a young age." - Dr. Pat Paluzzi | President & CEO of the Healthy Teen Network

"The Gloucester 18 is recommended viewing for anyone who cares about preventing teen pregnancy, and who has compassion for young people who are struggling to get by. It takes a sensationalized story and looks at it objectively and soberly, sensitively portraying the challenges, rewards, and heartbreak that often accompany teen pregnancy and parenthood. Teen pregnancy is a complex issue and this film unpacks its many layers in a way that will open the eyes - and hearts - of teens and adults alike." - Christine Clark | Program Director, The Candie's Foundation

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