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The expressionist theatre of OzFrank

16 Excerpts from 9 performances of 20 year

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The expressionist theatre of OzFrank


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This DVD samples 5 minutes excerpts from Ozfranks 20 year repertoire. 16 sample clips  from 9 plays directed by Jacqui Carroll from 1993 to the present , plus an example of its training system, the Frank Suzuki Actor Knowhow. Each play is stylistically different depending on the content, but all demonstrate the strong performances, vivid design, stimulating music and striking dramaturgy that are the hallmarks of Jacqui’s aethsetic.

For the past 10 years Frank Theatre has been renowned for merging and blurring theatrical boundaries in productions such as, Doll Seventeen, Rashomon, Midsummer Night’s Romeos, and Salome, forging a genuinely progressive and creative new theatre. Frank Theatre has evolved its unique theatre style with an ensemble of actors working with the Frank/Suzuki Performance Aesthetics which fully incorporates the study of the Suzuki Actor Training Method.

Unlike the staging of traditional Western plays, Frank Theatre employs an organic process of rehearsal and refinement that owes more to performance art, the circus and devised, physical and visual traditions than to text-based theatre that places the playwright at the centre of the production. This eastern methodology is freely fused with a European avant grade sensibility, producing iconoclastic theatre that distances itself from traditional scene setting and inclines towards a more inventive poetic of non-figurative energy, both powerful and refined at the same time.


Frank Theatre bases its work in a profound sense of collaboration between its members and a consistent group of visual and sound artists. Jacqui Carroll and John Nobbs direct the mise-en-scene, the acting and vocal work, and construct the dramaturgical structure of the pieces and the movement. The inspiration for a scene can evolve from the text, a choreographic gesture, a prop or a piece of music. The work evolves through a process of improvisation and reshaping guided by the director and the group aesthetic. The production is often presented in several incarnations before it reaches maturity and becomes standardised in the company’s repertoire. A new work can take up to eighteen months to metamorphose into the final product. Frank Theatre seeks to re-invigorate the classical canon through the radical juxtaposition of well-known texts with pop culture references. In the recently staged Hamlet Stooged! (a modern, urban update on the classic Hamlet) Shakespeare’s language is deconstructed and set to a pulsating soundtrack by Public Image Limited and Tokyo Shock Boys.

In combining these seemingly dipartite elements the linear flow of the text-based drama gives way to an impressionist succession of visual and verbal symbols, creating a theatre of images and iconoclasm.

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