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The Battle for Byron

by David Bradbury & Richard Mordaunt

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The Battle for Byron


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This film tells the story of how an impassioned community committed to free speech and sustainable co-existence with the natural environment overthrew a council hell-bent on development at any cost.

Byron Bay, mainland Australia's most easterly point, has a long standing international reputation for being a special place; a haven of beauty and cultural diversity in a world of ever expanding urban monoculture and vanishing natural spaces.

The demands of "Brick veneer expansion" at the hands of land hungry developers have overtaken most of the east coast of Australia and are knocking down Byron's door. A community of people of all ages and from all walks of life mobilised themselves to say 'No' tot he tourist development Club Med; they said 'No' to urban development at the expense of the natural environment; and they said 'No' to a council that would not hear the voice of the people...

But the battle is far from over...

Directed by David Bradbury & Richard Mordaunt

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