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Tadashi Kawamata Works & Process

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Tadashi Kawamata Works & Process


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Kawamata has made in-situ art throughout the world and was artistic director of the Yokohama Triennale in 2005. His work concerns itself with architectural space as an urban or designed social context or product. This extensive two DVD, boxed set documents the various projects by the artist, including installations in Paris, London, Switzerland and Germany. It also includes previously unpublished films and archives, along with various interviews with the artist.French/English
Kawamata creates projects which border on installation and architecture, his artistic interventions are focused on urban sites. The artist refers to the relationship between the artistic creation /material/ existing space, by composing the work into the existing environment and building a structural connection. Kawamata's works are ingenious simulations of urban situations - roads, bridges, passages, "private" spaces - they are unreal, unrealistic and non-functional objects. The artist relates to the urban chaos of modern cities which is invisible at first glance because it is hidden behind rational, planned structures. Kawamata builds over existing urban objects, facades and interiors with complicated labyrinths of scaffolding, creating a resemblance of architectural "cancer". He defies the rules of logic and symmetry, the laws of architectural rhythm and multi-level hierarchy, questioning the systems of habits linked to utility and aesthetics. His projects provoke associations with the polymorphous and equivocal nature of fractals.

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