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Susan Seidelman : Confessions of a Suburban Girl

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Susan Seidelman : Confessions of a Suburban Girl


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Epsiode 2 of 6 - Director's Place Series

An autobiographical documentary by Susan Seidelman, American film director and screenwriter. Among the first of independent female filmmakers of the 1980s, Seidelman's work includes titles such as Smithereens (1982), Desperately Seeking Susan (1985) and the hit TV series Sex and the City.

Seidelman takes a detour from Hollywood — back to the old neighbourhood — to conjure up this delightful doco-drama, which mixes slick reportage, interviews with school friends and 60's memorabilia, with black and white recreations of teen memories.

Confessions of a Suburban Girl is a wonderfully visual and humourous documentary - Seidelman's first, a fun-filled look back at what dreams and expectations of life girls had in the early sixties, and what those women think today. It charts the development of that socially designed phenomenon, the suburban housewife and also opens out the themes and obsessions in Seidelman's own work, particularly her female characters.

Available as part of a 6 DVD Series with a 20% collection discount.

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Susan Seidelman is an American film director, producer and writer. She came to prominence in the 1980s with Smithereens, the first American independent feature to be screened in Competition at the Cannes Film Festival. Her next feature Desperately Seeking Susan co-starred Madonna in her first film.

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