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Soundcage - Katalin Ladik

Performace artist, sound poet

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Soundcage - Katalin Ladik


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In production, available from June

A documentary with and about an original European avantgarde artist, Katalin Ladik, a Hungarian poet, performance artist and actress. She was born in Novi Sad in Yugoslavia (now called Serbia) 1942, and has been working - performing, writing, exhibiting worldwide since the 60s . She writes poems, creates sound poems and visual poems, performance art, writes and performs experimental music and audio plays. She is an experimental artist creating and performing happenings, mail art, experimental and theatrical plays. She explores language through visual and vocal expressions, as well as movement and gestures. Her work includes collages, photography, records, performances and happenings in both urban and natural environments.

She has also been an early feminist artist and an activist through her body of work during the cold war communist area.

Katalin Ladik became known after 1962 through her surreal and erotic poems. In addition to a number of books in Hungarian, volumes of her poetry were published in Yugoslavia, France, Italy and the United States. Her poems also appeared in various magazines and anthologies worldwide, translated into Spanish, German, Polish, Bulgarian, Slovakian, Hindi, Chinese, Indonesian, Romanian, Macedonian, Rusyn and Slovenian.

In 2016, she was awarded with the Lennon Ono Grant for Peace.


Most of Katalin Ladik's performances balance on the borderline between performance art and theatre: the performance of sound poems is accompanied by theatrical body action and in many cases, the surrounding space is structured similarly to a traditional theatre. Those who examine her poetry often refer to her sound poetry performances. On the other hand, no detailed analyses have been produced about the dramaturgical characteristics of her performances, and the relations of sign systems between her poetry and performances. It is a well-reasoned choice, however, to locate her in the context of female performance artists, as Katalin Ladik uses her body and person as the medium of her art in her performances, which occupies a special position within the history of Western art.

Katalin Ladik has earned various awards, including the

Kassák Lajos Award (1991),
the award of Mikes Kelemen Kör (Mikes International – Association for Hungarian Art, Literature and Science in the Netherlands) (2000),
the József Attila Prize (2001),

the Mediawave Parallel Culture Award (2003),

the National Award for Culture of the Republic of Serbia (2009),
and the Laurel Wreath Award of Hungary (2012).
Klára Herczeg Award in senior category from the Studio of Young Artists’ Association (Hungary).

In 2016, she was awarded with the Lennon Ono Grant for Peace.

This item is available worldwide.

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