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Nederlands Dans Theatre & Jiri Kylian

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Sleepless is dominated by a white, plastic curtain running at a diagonal across the stage. Vertical slits have been cut into the curtain, allowing the dancers to make unusual entrances and exits, and to, in effect, dissect their bodies (Disembodied heads appear in unexpected places, strange hands appear out of nowhere to accept a dancer in front of the curtain, and so on.)

There are three male-female couples, although the ballet begins and ends with a female dancer doing a pas de deux with her shadow, and there are important solo turns as well. The movements are harsher and more cutting than in the other two works. The music is harsher too; it is a sort of deconstruction of another work by Mozart, to the point where it sounds like music for a Buddhist ritual. 

Sleepless is a tense, enigmatic work, but it is softened by the physical beauty of the dancers themselves, and by the perfection of Kylián's constructions.

Other performances in this series:
Bella Figura

Choreographer: JIŘÍ KYLIÁN

"Kylián's distinctive style – acrobatic, abstract, always surprising – runs through all three works. The range of the Nederlands Dans Theater also is on display here. The films are beautifully photographed, and the sound is excellent too." (Raymond Tuttle,

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