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Sho-bo-gen-zo, The path of true seeing

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Sho-bo-gen-zo, The path of true seeing


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Nadj draws inspiration from Sho-bo-gen-zo, the holy book of Japanese Buddhism. From his Central European homeland, he looks to the wisdom of the Far East and investigates how it might inform and enlighten us.


Humankind’s timeless truth-seeking intentions are fundamental to the work. Regardless of our state of existence, to achieve true harmony, we need only be faithful to our truth-seeking desire.


Shobogenzo is not a logical dissertation, nor is it illogical, rather it exists outside logic. It shows us how we might find inner freedom, happiness, universal peace and eternal truth.  

Performers: Jozef Nadj/Nagy Jozsef, Cecile Loyer, Joelle Leandre, Akosh S./Szelevenyi Akos

Video: Ivan Attila, Design: Bicskei Zoltan, Costume making: Aleksandra Pesic, Props: Alexandre de Monte, Francia Gyula, Lighting: Dobo Laszlo, Sound: Daniel Davcik

Assistant for director: Peter Gemza

Music and arrangements: Joelle Leandre & Szelevenyi Akos

Costume, decor: Nagy Jozsef/Jozef Nadj

Director: Nagy Jozsef/Jozef Nadj

Josef Nadj is the author of more than forty creations and exhibitions programmed in nearly 50 countries. He has been a guest artist at major international events (Avignon Festival, Chekhov International Festival, Prague Quadrennial, etc.). Over the years, Josef Nadj's works have become a staple of contemporary dance. He directed the National Choreographic Center of Orleans from 1995 to 2016 before establishing his new company Atelier 3 + 1 in Paris in 2017. With Atelier 3 + 1, his work continues and takes a new direction. While pursuing his choreographic research, he intends to seize the opportunity of this new production framework to put plastic work at the heart of his stage and body work.

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