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Each Person is a Nation Unto Themselves

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Rocaterrania is a feature length documentary journey into the secret world of 76 year old Renaldo Kuhler, a visionary artist who invented an imaginary country to survive his disaffected youth and illustrated the nation's history for six decades.

Rocaterrania is a tiny nation of eastern European immigrants who purchased a tract of land along the Canadian border, just north of the Adirondack Mountains in New York, after growing restless with America's notions of democracy. Over the next sixty years, Rocaterrania saw two revolutions and the rise and fall of a succession of czars, dictators, and presidents among a cast of characters vaguely resembling Russian historical figures.

But as the film reveals, each change in government reflects a deeper transformative meaning for Renaldo, an outsider who struggled to escape an emotionally abusive family and searched for freedom within a real nation threatened by forces of conformity and fearful of individuality.

Featuring an eclectic original score by Merge Records instrumental artists Shark Quest, Rocaterrania unveils Kuhler's astounding body of work to the world and tells his extraordinary life story in the process.

A film by Brett Ingram.

"The secret world of Renaldo Kuher is about to go to public..." - The New York Times

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