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‘Quest’ is an eloquent union of storytelling, music, First Nation mythology (Canadian Indian) and modern dance interpreting the stories of Mother Earth and the rite of passage of the soul. The story examines how modern life has led to the loss of rituals, a lack of respect for nature and spiritual emptiness.

The emotionally charged dance movements narrated in the soothing and complex rhythms of the Blackfoot Language. The fabulously diverse score ranges from tribal percussion sounds, upbeat R & B to inspired segments of new age music.

The dance piece is told in eight movements: 1) Napi (all Life) 2) Coyote trickster 3) The age of great forgetfulness 4) Awakening the Sleeping People 5) Society 6) Our Spirit guides 7) Our Rites of Passage 8) Surrendering

Recently received 2 Gemini Award Nominations – Best Direction and Best Performance in a Performing Arts Program. It was selected to the Montreal World Film Festival, the American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco, nominated Best Performing Arts film at the Great Lakes Film Festival, and the Hearts and Minds Film Festival. ‘Quest’ has received reviews in Critical Dance Magazine and The Dance Current.
Quest is a professionally produced program that has been broadcasted on Bravo! TV, APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network) and SCN (Saskatchewan Communications Network).
‘Quest’ will have a strong audience in all communities small and large as well as a multi-culture interest.

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