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Politics, Dreams and Visions - Collection of 10 Films

by John Hughes

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Politics, Dreams and Visions - Collection of 10 Films


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The collection include early short films, documentaries, feature films, a philosophical essay, social commentaries and research based historical investigations. A “must have” collection for Australian social and historical studies, Film and Cinema courses. Titles Included are:

  1. ONE WAY STREET - 54 minutes, 1992on Walter Benjamin - essay documentary (Cultural Studies)
  2. WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN - 98 minutes, 1996, feature drama,
  3. AFTER MABO 84 minutes, 1997 – chronicle on Native Title after Howard
  4. RIVER OF DREAMS 52 minutes, 1999– Native Title, conservation and the struggle for the Kimberley’s Fitzroy River
  5. ALL THAT IS SOLID - experimental "speculative essay documentary on notion of the future" (philosophy)
  6. TRAPS - 86 minutes  Documentary feauture - Politics, art and media in Australia in the mid 1980s
  7. SOME SHORT FILMS: (total 119 minutes)
  8. THE ARCHIVE BOX 3 DVD including THE ARCHIVE PROJECT feature documentary 2006, 96 minutes,
  9. FILM WORK - The Waterside Workers federation Film Unit, 1954-’59, 43 minutes, 1981 bundled with MENACE, 68 minutes, 1976 – on oral history based film on the Menzies’ government’s attempt to ban the Communist Party in Australia and the struggle to defend democratic rights

John Hughes is one of Australia’s most respected documentary (and drama) film directors, his work having won many awards. The films are usually Australian in orientation, examining art, cultural politics and history.  The work is often intensely research driven; the films are serious investigations into their material. Also they have cinematic creative flair.  His credits are numerous, starting in the early ‘70s with short films such as Nowhere Game, through to acclaimed documentaries in the ‘80s such as Film-Work, to the narrative feature What I Have Written in the ‘90s, and onto the recent award-winning documentaries The Archive Project (2006) and Indonesia Calling: Joris Ivens In Australia (2009).

Hughes was honored with Film Australia’s coveted Stanley Hawes Award, for Achievement In Documentary in 2006, and the inaugural Joan Long Award from the Australian and New Zealand Film History Association (2006).

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