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Political Films: Costa Gavras Talks With Marcel Ophuls

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Political Films: Costa Gavras Talks With Marcel Ophuls


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Two internationally known directors who have made a specialty of films with an outspoken political edge discuss the values and methods in the genre, and the problems they have faced. Costa-Gavras was best known for "Z" and "State of Siege", and Ophuls for "The Sorrow and The Pity" and "Sense of Loss" when this conversation -- illustrated with film clips -- was produced. Costa-Gavras' film "Special Section" had just been released. Costa-Gavras' films, though based on real facts and issues, are scripted and professionally acted. Ophuls' work is documentary in style. They address such themes as the difference between "objective" and "subjective" truth, and their personal motives for choosing this form of film art.


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