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POLITICAL ASSASSINATIONS: Murder in Stockholm: Who killed Olof Palme?

POLITICAL ASSASSINATIONS: Murder in Stockholm: Who killed Olof Palme?


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Olof Palme loved walking Stockholm’s streets to meet face-to-face with the people who elected him Sweden’s Prime Minister. A Social-Democrat and a true man of the people, he detested the rules and regulations that came with his rank as much as he hated the East-West split born of the Cold War. A troublemaker on the international political scene, he was as uncompromising with the White House as he was with the Kremlin, and a passionate spokesman for the Third World.  Although he befriended many of the world’s intellectuals, his startling viewpoints also made him many fanatical enemies.

On February 28 1986, at exactly 11.21 pm, in the heart of Stockholm, Palme was shot dead as he walked home alone without bodyguards, as was his habit. 
Today the murder remains unexplained after more than fifteen years of investigation. The killer and the people behind the trigger are still on the loose. The police investigation has followed all leads: CIA, KGB, far-right international organizations, and others. They have even explored the possibility of an isolated killer, without apparent motive. Strangely, one unusual group of suspects was not investigated very far: a police unit generally in charge of minor crimes. And yet, the members of this unit belong to Sweden’s far-right movement, and several were seen near the crime scene on the night of the murder. So, the question remains: who killed Olof Palme? 
An investigative documentary by Burkhard Nagel and Klaus D. Kapp.


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