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POLITICAL ASSASSINATIONS: A Death for Peace: Mahatma Gandhi and the Impossible Quest

POLITICAL ASSASSINATIONS: A Death for Peace: Mahatma Gandhi and the Impossible Quest


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On January 20, 1948, Gopal Godse, the man who promised himself to eliminate Gandhi ridicules himself in a failed attempt to kill the mahatma. However, only ten days later, his brother Nathuram will put en end to the life of the Father of the Partition of the Indian Empire into India and Pakistan.

Fifty years later, this film looks at how it all really happened.
Both brothers were members of an extreme-right organisation, and even if the politically correct branch of these nationalistic Hindus, the Grand Party of Indian People, displays a much more moderate attitude, it continues to look at Gandhi with ambivalent feelings. And this party has been dominating the National Parliament until only a few months ago. As to Pakistan, with the recent post-September-11 events, the whole world has understood the importance with which one has to consider the Muslim movements in this region. Since the two countries have access to nuclear weapons, it seems very important to monitor the potential Hindu-Muslim confrontations.

The brother of Gandhi’s assassin, even fifty years later, has not lost a single inch of his hatred. And his younger brothers in arms might strike again, in particular since Gandhi’s and Nehru’s party, the Congress, has just returned to power.


Arnaud Mandagaran is a french documentary filmaker who has been making accredited documentaries since 2006

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