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Pier Paolo Pasolini’s The Anger (La Rabbia)

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Pier Paolo Pasolini’s The Anger (La Rabbia)


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Tapping into topics from the 1950’s and the early 1960’s such as racism, the Middle East, Cuba, Stalinism, the Atomic bomb, and the death of Marilyn Monroe it is understandable why the US government was afraid of this film.

The directors and commentators of The Anger, two of the most important opinion makers and intellectuals in post wwII Europe, employ documentary footage from this era and an accompanying commentary, in which they attempt to answer, quite elegantly and poetically, the existential question: why are our lives characterized by discontent, anguish, and fear?
The film is in two completely separate parts, and the directors of these respective sections, left-wing film director and poet, Pier Paolo Pasolini and the conservative journalist and film director, Giovanni Guareschi, offer the viewer contrasting analyses of, and prescriptions for modern society. This publication is an exclusive, uncut, restored version obtained from the Cinemateque of Bologna.

Further Information:
SPECIAL FEATURES Original Trailer of The Anger (La Rabbia)
A documentary by Tatti Sanguineti entitled La Rabbia I, La Rabbia II, La Rabbia III... L’Arabia – running time 65 min.
A Pier Paolo Pasolini short film entitled Le Mura di Sana’a – running time 16 min. A 20 page fully illustrated booklet containing director’s comments and a critical analysis of the film New digital transfer from original 35mm negative print supervised by the Bologna Cinemateque.
Included are images of some never-before-seen color paintings and drawings by the contemporary Italian artist, Renato Guttuso Digitally restored and remastered New and improved English subtitle translation

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