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Physical Acting: Characters

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Physical Acting: Characters


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"Actors find their bodies doing things by itself." "Without an external form neither your inner characterization nor the spirit of your image reach the public. The external characterization explains and illustrates and thereby conveys your spectators the inner pattern of your part." (Stanislavski: Building a Character)

People sometimes look like animals: their face, the rhythm of their movements, their postures and gestures, their habits and internal characteristics resemble those of their animal equivalents. This similarity entertains people from the pre-historic times. In the performing arts, directors, teachers and performers has been always fascinated with animal imitation. This book offers an approach, which is beyond the easy way of imitating a monkey, a bird or a snake. The revelation of a character in its physical and psychological complexity requires in-depth analysis, comprehension of non-verbal cues and most of all, imagination.
The e-Book is usually supplied with animal latex character masks as a teachers' s guide. Due to it popularity it is now available without the masks as well. It contains: instructions of how to teach animal mask work, analysis of physical characteristics relevant to 20 animal characters, ideas to translate animal characteristics into those of human, activity sheets, group and solo exercises, and scenarios to act our with the characters. Format: printable PDF on Disc.

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