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PENDING ONE – Healing with Theatre (full edit)

Pan Pan

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PENDING ONE – Healing with Theatre (full edit)

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The 14 hours long film version is a full edit of "One", a large scale performance project that has been created by the Dublin-based theatre company Pan Pan. Centred around the opportunity of facilitating one-to-one meetings between audience and performer and designed to create a fulfilling and lasting quality of contact, the project focuses on reasons for deciding to become an actor. From October 2004 to May 2005 we visited the homes of 100 actors – Irish, Polish, Norwegian and Dutch - and asked them to answer the question: Why do you think you became an actor? They were also asked to perform their first or favourite audition piece. Each response was filmed and recorded. They were briefed once by telephone and again immediately before the camera was turned on. They were then subsequently photographed by the director of the project, Gavin Quinn. Each visit lasted no more than an hour.

The footage shot has been edited into a 14 hour film that was shown in an outdoor cinema in Dublin’s city centre during the summer. It was also screened in the Irish Museum of Modern Art for a month in the autumn, and as an installation as part of the Dublin Theatre Festival.
The film of ONE is available to be screened in the full 14-hour edit on seven DVDs, preferably as an installation. A shorter edit of 90 minutes is also available for educational and private use. Pan Pan creates and produces contemporary live performances in a variety of locations and situations internationally and nationally. They have toured throughout Ireland as well as Germany, Netherlands, U.K, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Austria, Australia and South Korea.

Since Pan Pan was established by co-directors Gavin Quinn and Aedín Cosgrove, the company has constantly examined and challenged the nature of its work and has resisted settling into well tried formulas. Developing new performance ideas is at the centre of the company’s raison d’être which is born from a desire to be individual and provide innovation in the development of theatre art. All the works created are original, either through the writing (original plays) or through the totally unique expression of established writings. Pan Pan tries to approach theatre as an open form of expression and has developed an individual aesthetic that has grown from making performances in a host of different situations and conditions. Pan Pan is committed to presenting performances nationally and internationally and developing links for co-productions and collaborations. The company has toured in Ireland, UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Korea, Australia, New Zealand and China.

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