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Oedipus Rex

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Oedipus Rex


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Jacqui Carroll’s Oedipus production is a Physical Oratorio set on a simple three tier stage with minimal movement and simple classical drapery costumes. The text is a combination of  Sophocles some Latin  taken from Stravinsky's Oratorio, Oedipus Rex. The modern East European orchestral score, echoes the classical past, whilst adding intense emotional power and psychological penetration.


Oedipus, with passion and energy, battles against the forces of destiny. Those eternal, implacable forces, according to the ancient Greeks, govern everyone’s lives. In this drama of revelation upon revelation Oedipus and Jocasta gradually realise the tragic impact of their unwitting actions. The rest of the cast act as narrators, seers, witnesses, judges and juries in this theatrical lamentation.


‘…as those familiar with previous OzFrank productions can attest, Carroll and her company specialise in creating intelligent and lavish visual spectacles that stun, soar and absorb attention….’


‘………’s rare in Australian theatre to find a theatre company whose rigour and discipline provides such exciting and beautiful theatrical rewards.’


Text adaption/direction: Jacqui Carroll

Set & props: John Nobbs

Costumes: Glen Brown


Oedipus: John Nobbs

Jocasta: Emma Pursey

Narrators: Ramsay Hatfield, Neridah Waters

Tiresias: Lisa O’Neill

Tiresias’ attendant: Thierry Cartoux

Shepherd: Ira Seidenstein

Chorus: Caroline Dunphy, Michael Coughlan, Julie Marich, Annette Shoenberger, Tracey Kay, Chad Beckett

Following a career as dancer on television and in commercial productions Jacqui Carroll performed with the Sydney Dance Company under the direction of Jaap Flier dancing roles such as Columbine in Glen Tetley’s Pierrot Lunaire, in Tetley’s Circles as well as in works by choreographers Anna Sokolow Lyric Suite and Deserts, Jaap Flier Hi-Kyu and Four Stages and John Butler Carmina Burana, among others. As choreographer Carroll has created works for Australian Dance Theatre,The Lotos Eaters and Missing Film, Queensland Ballet Persephone, Carmina Burana, A Christmas Carol (2 acts), Scheherazade, Firebird,Transfigured Night, Four Seasons, Othello, The Australian Ballet Canzona and West Australian Ballet Stabat Mater, Night of the Full Moon. After witnessing the training and aesthetic of Japanese theatre director, Tadashi Suzuki, Carroll was inspired to develop theatre works combining text, movement and music. She is the co-founder, with John Nobbs of the performance ensemble OzFrank Theatre for which she has created numerous works. Following her creation of the 3 act ballet,TheTempest for the Queensland Ballet in the mid-1990s she has concentrated on developing theatre that includes such movement-inspired works as The Romance of Orpheus, Doll Seventeen, Up Jumped the Devil, Motel of Memory and Brie ngs for a Descent into Hell. Jacqui is currently choreographing and producing a full-length dance lm with a mixed company of young and mature dancers. Her professional dance teaching credits include Head of Dance Dept. Centre for the Performing Arts,Adelaide, plus the Australian Ballet, West Australian Ballet, Queensland Ballet.

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