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Neutral Mask: A Foundation for the Theatrical Experience

4 Discs

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Neutral Mask: A Foundation for the Theatrical Experience


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4 discs

The neutral mask has been devised to establish a foundation for the creative theatrical experience. The mask is sculpted to be simply the human being at the moment of change through discovery. It is intended as a metaphor. The purpose is to permit the mask to come to life, to be animated, by a process of identification. The sense of first time is essential to the performer and the creator. It is essential for the young artist to experience this first hand. The mask provides the means. This DVD will take you through the learning process, as it was actually experienced by the students participating in a professional program in London. The film, including the commentary of Ron East, master teacher at the School of Physical Theatre, provides a thorough foundation for an exploration of the neutral mask.

Ron East, founder/director of the School of Physical Theatre operated in London, U.K. and in Toronto, Canada, is a producer, director and playwright with thirty-five years in the professional theatre. Ron trained as a performer and teacher in physical theatre at the famed Ecole Internationale de Theatre Jacques Lecoq in Paris. As well as operating his own school, Ron has been on staff at universities and colleges, has taught with dance and theatre companies, and conducted workshops internationally.

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