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Werner Nekes: Lagado

Retrospective Werner Nekes

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Werner Nekes: Lagado


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An experimental film about the interpenetration of various levels of communication, dealing with the relationship of the pictorial functions to those of sound (direct sound).

The title refers to Lemuel Gulliver who on one of his journeys, visits the Academy of Lagado, an institiutions where scientists were busy amongst other things with a plan to abolish words altogether because in their opinion this would be extremely beneficial to health and time saving.
In his film Nekes does not do away with language. Hu uses it as a model hat enables us to think along and to think on and to tell our own stories as well. He creates the feeling that one can breath freely in the cramped theatre, - a cinema experience, beneficial to health. - Doris Dorrie, 1977.


"…What sounds rather bookish and intimidating, in fact unfolds an enormous sensual stimulus on screen. In more than 20 sequences, based in part on work by Stifter and Camus, Hamburg's experimental film director and a number of students from Braunschweig and Göttingen demonstrate a higher school of hearing and seeing. With manipulations of sight and sound, which are at times highly complex and mathematically precise, he shows the tension between optical and acoustic elements, inventing ever new combinations from which an abstract poetry issues forth. Nekes works with single frame mechanism and multiple copying of the images, thus defamiliarizing the sound at the same time. The title of the film pertains to Jonathan Swift's 'Gulliver's Travels'. Lagado is the name of the academy in which scientists of the most diverse disciplines work at strange projects.” - Hans C. Blumenberg, Die Zeit, March 18, 1977 Filmtip “Excellent

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