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Masterpieces of Kabuki Theatre Series Vol. 1-16

Kabuki Theater

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Masterpieces of Kabuki Theatre Series Vol. 1-16

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An outstanding series of Kabuki Plays first broadcast on NHK, Japan's Public Broadcasting Company. All filmed at Tokyo's famed Kabuki-za Theatre. All DVDs with optional English Translation and Commentary.

Since the earliest days of television in Japan, NHK has recorded and broadcast all major Kabuki performances. Now many of these important historical and contemporary video recordings are available on DVD. Many of the most widely admired Kabuki stars, several declared Living National Treasures of Japan, are included in this selection of Kabuki masterworks.

An excellent and discrete English translation and commentary by Kabuki scholars Paul M. Griffith, Ronald Cavaye and Valerie Durham follows the stories and provides additional information to help international audiences appreciation of Kabuki performance, history, music and dance. This commentary is optional and can be activated as desired. Some DVDs also contain English subtitles.

Volume One: KANJINCHO,The Subscription List
Volume Two:TOGITATSU NO UTARE,The Revenge on Togitatsu
Volume Three: KUMAGAI JINYA, Kumagai's Battle Camp
Volume Four: YOSHITSUNE SENBON ZAKURA, Yoshitsune & the 1000 Cherry Trees
Volume Five: KOCHIYAMA, The Robber Kochiyama
Volume Six: SHIRANAMI GONIN OTOKO, The Five Bandits
Volume Seven: FUINKIRI, Breaking the Seal
Volume Eight: ISE ONDO KOI NO NETABA, The Ise Dances & Love's Dull Blade
Volume Nine: FUJI MUSUME, The Wisteria Maiden, Yasuna & Sagi Musume (The Heron Maiden)
Volume Ten: TERAKOYA, The Village School
Volume Eleven: DATTAN, The Fire Ritual, Ninin Wankyu (The Two Wankyus)
Volume Twelve: SUMIDAGAWA, Sumida River, Hanabusa Shujaku Jishi (Shujaku Lion Dance)
Volume Thirteen: JUSSHUKO, Ten Types of Incense, Kenreimonin
Volume Fourteen: YAMATO TAKERU, Super Kabuki
Volume Fifteen: IPPON GATANA DOHYO IRI, The Wrestling Ring and the Sword
Volume Sixteen: KANJINCHO, The Subscription List

The Series of 33 Kabuki Theater DVDs is also available.

“…Kanjincho…is a masterpiece….strange to our eyes and ears, but nevertheless, the quintessence of theatre.” - New York Times

“As a stupid servant who has gulped enough sake for a whole party, Kanzaburo staggers around the resonant dancing platform with joy and confusion like Chaplin in his earliest pictures.” - New York Times

“……the actors can express humanity with all the richness of their Western colleagues.” - New York Times

“…the hardened, skeptical theater-goer can recapture something of that awe he had for the theater as a child…” - New York Times

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