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Masks, Fetishes and Other Obsessions

A voyage into traditional African art.

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Masks, Fetishes and Other Obsessions


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Masks and statues from various cultures in Africa have been described in the past as mysterious, dark, fascinating, as well as dynamic, powerful, expressive, and yes - also brutal and primitive. People unfamilair with these objects often find them unapproachable, strange and awesome. In her film, Masks, fetishes and other Obsessions Lekha Sarkar explores these hidden myths and stereotypes and takes us with her on a journey into these unique cultures. She traces her journey to Togo and the Cameroon, to High priests, healers, and magicians, a voodoo temple and traditional ritualistic feasts. 

Sarkar also searches in Switzerland for the answers to her questions about the fascinating traditional African art.  Here, a small scene of art collectors creates the extraordinary.  She questions collectors, gallery owners, dealers, curators, and missionaries in Zurich, Geneva and Zug. For the first time ever, some of these people have opened up their doors, giving us an insight into their collections of African masks and figures.

English Subtitles.

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