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Masks and Faces: Dance and Drama in Bali

e-book by Dr David George

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Masks and Faces: Dance and Drama in Bali


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The E-Book provides a comprehensive guide to Balinese dance and drama. It features more than one hundred unique slides taken by Dr David George during his research field trips in Bali.

Most visitors to Bali see two or three plays or dance performances - in hotels, villages. Most wonder at some stage: is what we are seeing the 'real thing'; what do these plays mean to the Balinese; are the kris-dancers really in trance; who is the Barong, who is the witch; are there dances and plays we are not allowed to see: what are they....?

Written by David George, Professor of Drama and international expert on Asian dance, drama, ritual and magic, the E-Book - answers these and other questions. The result of 25 years research, it provides teachers and students of drama with a deeper appreciation of Balinese theatre and, beyond that, of Balinese culture as a whole. All the major dances and dramas are described and explained: Ardja, Barong, Baris, Berutuk, Chalonarang, Fire Dance, Gambuh. Joged, Kebyar, Kechak, Legong, Monkey Dance, Ramayana, Sanghyang, Shadow play, Topeng, Trance dances, Wayang. The material is arranged in four parts:

1. Dancing for the Gods: an introduction which explains the crucial role of dance and drama in Balinese religion, ritual and magic. including sections on the Gods as audience, Festivals, Temples and Theatres and the role of tourist performances in Balinese culture.

2. Trance and Dance: explains the way tourist dances such as Legong and Kechak have evolved out of sacred trance dances such as Sanghyang and includes a description of dramas and dances forbidden to tourists (Berutuk, Sanghyang Dedari)

3. Masks and Faces: how masks get their magical power: where the Barong came from; why every Balinese has a personal Barong; Rangda the witch; the kris-dancers.. The Barong play and the kris dancers are explained and used to Introduce the reader to Ballnese culture as a whole - its conceptions of time, death, karma, magic, sex...

4. Shadows Of The Past: the shadow-play, Topeng. the mask play: Balinese history. A Bibliography and suggestions on Further Reading complete the text. David George is a scholar,' playwright, director and author. He has published books and articles on Indian drama and religion, Asian and Western theatre, on Buddhist performance, on ritual, mysticism and the psychology of acting.

David George, Professor of Drama and international expert on Asian dance, drama, ritual and magic

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