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Mapping the world: The USA, an imperial geography STOCKTAKE

Le Dessous des Cartes

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Mapping the world: The USA, an imperial geography STOCKTAKE


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For the last 10 years, DESSOUS DES CARTES (Mapping the world), a geopolitical weekly magazine aired on both ARTE & France 5 studies major players and power games at stake in our contemporary world, with maps as a tool for understanding international complexities.

THE SHAPING OF THE AMERICAN TERRITORY How was the American territory formed and according to what principles? A victory over the European powers, the Indians and the great wide open.
THE NORTH AMERICAN INDIANS Throughout history, many peoples have been displaced, massacred, disavowed. But on top of that the Indians were caricatured and used, and have only begun to be valued.
1803 : LOUISIANA BECOMES AMERICAN On April 30, 1803, there took place one of the biggest land deals of all time: the sale of Louisiana by France to the United States of America. What were the motives and the stakes?
20th CENTURY: EMERGENCE OF AN INTERNATIONAL POWER From the turn of the 19th century, driven by commercial and strategic interests as well as the defence of democratic values, the United States enters the international political arena.
21st CENTURY: FOREIGN POLICY SINCE SEPT 11th Has the US reading of the world been modified by the terrorist attacks of the 11th of September 2001?
CALIFORNIA - A DEVELOPMENT IMPASSE? The world's “sixth leading nation" in terms of wealth, California has reached a dead-end; its economic development depending on the over-exploitation of its water resources and those of its neighbouring states.
MILITARY REDEPLOYMENT IN THE WORLD Well before 9/11, the US was advocating an overhaul of its overseas military deployment. By mapping the repositioning of US bases around the world, we can analyze its strategy in dealing with the threats of the 21st century.
DIEGO GARCIA, SMALL ISLAND, BIG STRATEGY Lying at the heart of the Indian Ocean, the island of Diego Garcia plays a key role in US strategy.
WITHDRAWAL FROM PANAMA Considered for almost a century as a domestic American waterway, on December 31 1999, the Panama Canal zone returned to Panamanian sovereignty.
GLOBAL ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY Today's world economy is structured by networks, by the flow of commerce, capital and labour, which have established a new global balance of forces.
THE FREE-TRADE AREA OF THE AMERICAS 2005 should witness the birth of the world's largest free-trade area, covering the entire American continent from Alaska to Terra del Fuego.
THE NORTH-WEST PASSAGE, FUTURE SHIPPING ROUTE? How are geography, climate, natural resources, transport routes and sovereignty related? The answer lies in the far north of Canada.

Editorial by Jean-Christophe Victor.

Bonus: THE KEY TO DESSOUS DES CARTES, We revisit the principles of a method of analysis, which aims for understanding not simply statement of fact.
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