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LUMIA: Thomas Wilfred and The Story of Light Art

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LUMIA: Thomas Wilfred and The Story of Light Art

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Lumia is the story of Thomas Wilfred and the birth of light art.
Wilfred began his career as a Danish Lute player, giving command performances for the Kings and Queens of Europe. He captivated audiences throughout the 1920's and 30's with his sensational projected light shows, named Lumia.

World War 2 intervened, followed by television and the New York School of Painting. Wilfred's star fell, and he spent his last decades making automated versions of his work and executing commissions for private collectors and museums.

Includes segments on artists Charles Dockum, Chris Sidenius, Mary Hallock Greenewalt, and Earl Reiback.
Includes a brief clip from CVM's restoration of a 1952 Dockum Mobilcolor performance film.
Documentary roduced by CVM.


Craig Antrim, Kerry Brougher, Fred Collopy, Dorothy Conway, Greta Dockum, Eugenia Victoria Ellis, A.J. Epstein, Eugene Epstein, Nancy Frederick, Lawrence Friedman, R.A. Friedman, Hal Glicksman, Robert Haller, Cindy Keefer, Richard Land, Terry Montlick, Otto Piene, Earl Reiback, Jack Shor, Kathleen Sciacca, Christian Sidenius, Steve Smith, George Stadnik, Donna Stein, Karole Vail, Judith Zilczer. Directed by Meredith Finkelstein and Paul Vlachos. 

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