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Linda Christanell - The Nature Of Expression

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Linda Christanell - The Nature Of Expression


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Linda Christanell - The Nature Of Expression

One of the traditional tasks of the film avant-garde is to show what cinema is capable of when it is released from literary stories, from narration: how to interweave seemingly unrelated pictures, how to convert outer and inner spaces into a synthetic, unrealistic third cinematic space. Linda Christanell´s works are a study of such a space. In the confrontation, in its layering, the material is subjected to an endurance test.
(Stefan Grissemann)

-NS Trilogie - Teil2 Gefühl Kazet (1997), 13:50 min,
-Movement In The Inside Of My Left Hand (1978), 6:26 min, -Fingerfächer (1975/82), 9:53 min,
-For You (1984), 8:08 min,
-All Can Become A Rose (1992), 7:15 min,
-Picture Again (2002), 8:56 min,
-Moving Picture (1995), 10:14 min,
Bonustrack 1: Change (1978), 1:07 min,
Bonustrack 2: Federgesteck (1984), 3:05 min

Linda Christanell, Born (1939) in Austria. Studied painting at the College of Fine Arts in Vienna. From 1965-1974 art teacher. Works in a wide variety of artistic genres: usable textile objects, concepts relevant to them, installations, sequences of sound slides, performances, book objects. Texts with visualized wordplay relating to objects, diary entries and texts on films. Photos and films since 1975. Since 1966 numerous exhibitions, screenings and awards in Austria and abroad. 1987 member of the jury for the Westdeutsche Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen. 1993 lectures at the Institute for Film Sciences at the University of Zürich. Lectures at the University of Vienna, Liverpool and Dresden. Member of the Austrian Filmmakers Cooperative (1982), the Künstlerhaus Vienna (1980), and the Grazer Autorenversammlung (1984). Founding member of the IntAkt (1977).


-7 Kurzfilme, 1978;
-Es war ein merkwürdiger Tag, 1979;
-Anna, 1980/81;
-Fingerfächer, 1982/84;
-For you, 1984;
-Home, 1984;
-Federgesteck, 1984;
-Schlüsselbund, 1984/85;
-Film Nr.5, 1985;
-Zum Geburtstag, 1985;
-Meomsa, 1988;
-Aline Carola, 1990/91;
-All can become a rose, 1992;
-My Moviestar, 1993;
-Rouge et Noir, 1993;
-Moving picture, 1995;
-NS-Trilogie, 1996/2000;
-Carrousel, 1998;
-Carrousel deux, 2000;
-Picture again, 2002;
-A rose is a rose, 2002.


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