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Length of 100 needles

Regional Creative Atelier Jozef Nadj

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Length of 100 needles


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Length of 100 Needles is a compelling and surrealistic performance in masks accompanied by live music. The title comes from an old Hungarian saying meaning to labour in vain. Josef Nadj plays a magician. Objects, sounds, spaces and people change their meaning and function at each moment on stage – in an almost imperceptible way. Still, deep down, they all remain themselves in this perpetual variation. Despite his use of myth, iconography and discontinuity, the characters become familiar and personal.

In Josef Nadj’s theatre everything is being born, changing and fluctuating right before our eyes. Even those components which are certainly constructed beforehand seem to be created at that very moment. The composition and improvisation in the dance and music form an exceptional unity rarely experienced in the theatre.


Performers: Jozef Nadj, Gyork Szakonyi, Ishii Junya, Gyula Francia, Enike Budai, Akos Kalmar, Peter Gemza
Musicians: Silard Mezei, Branislav Aksin, Kornel Papista, Bogdan Rankovic, Albert Markos, Ervin Malina, Istvan Cik
Directed by JOZEF NADJ
Video by: Attila Ivan

Jozef Nadj is one of Europe’s well known contemporary actors and directors. He is the director of the contemporary dance theatre Centré Chorégraphique d'National Orléans’ and the founder of JEL Theatre in Magyarkanizsa.
Nadj has spent twenty years at the forefront of European avant-garde theatre.
His work won several awards and prices. Amongst others he received la Légion d'Honneur by the French Republic for his cultural works. Jozef Nadj and his company are regular performers throughout Europe, North and South America, Russia, Japan and Israel. Based on movement, live music and metaphorical images Nadj’s performances are examples of non-naturalistic and non-narrative often surreal European experimental theatre.

Josef Nadj is the author of more than forty creations and exhibitions programmed in nearly 50 countries. He has been a guest artist at major international events (Avignon Festival, Chekhov International Festival, Prague Quadrennial, etc.). Over the years, Josef Nadj's works have become a staple of contemporary dance. He directed the National Choreographic Center of Orleans from 1995 to 2016 before establishing his new company Atelier 3 + 1 in Paris in 2017. With Atelier 3 + 1, his work continues and takes a new direction. While pursuing his choreographic research, he intends to seize the opportunity of this new production framework to put plastic work at the heart of his stage and body work.

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