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Landline Series - Jimbour Opera, Mallee Music, Nindooinbah, Rural Churches

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Landline Series - Jimbour Opera, Mallee Music, Nindooinbah, Rural Churches

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Since 1991 Landline Series has been ABC-TV’s main vehicle for current affairs coverage of regional / rural issues and events.

The multi-award winning show typically features stories, ranging across agri-politics and economics , business and product innovation, animal and crop science, regional infrastructure, climate and weather trends, regional and rural services, music and lifestyle.

As much as anything Landline’s enduring popularity is based on its ability to explain and contextualise the issues affecting Australians living and working in the bush to those living in our big cities.

Films in compilation:

Jimbour Opera - 10 mins 31/5/05
Every two years, the Queensland Music Festival brings music from the classic to the contemporary, from the sublime to the outrageous, to Queensland. The festival is known for involving rural and regional communities in making music that reflects their particular district. We go to the opera at Jimbour, a concert of opera's greatest hits staged in the grounds of historic Jimbour House near Dalby, three hours north-west of Brisbane.

Mallee Music - 10 mins 19/6/05
Much has been made recently about farmers trying to work the land in marginal regions. With its low rainfall and impressive dust storms, the Mallee in southern Australia has a rather bad reputation as just that sort of tough country. There's no doubt it takes a certain type of farmer to make it work, but one of those farmers, Jeanette Wormald, has become tired of the Mallee's bad rap. She's on a mission to change the image of the Mallee and she's doing it through music. Amazingly, her music has struck a chord not only with other Australians but with some Europeans as well.

Nindooinbah - 10 mins 5/6/2005
Australia's made a pretty good effort in recent years to hang on to our rural heritage. This is especially so with some of the grand houses from the 19th century which characterised many of the great properties of that era. One of the best examples is the homestead on Nindooinbah, a grazing and farming property about 70 kilometres south of Brisbane. Inside Nindooinbah it's another world; it's like an Edwardian time capsule reflecting the gracious lifestyle of Queensland's squattocracy in a bygone age. But now the 1,100-hectare property and its homestead are changing hands. Landline takes a look at Nindooinbah before a new era begins.

Rural Churches - 12mins 25/7/2004
It seems wherever you go these days; Australians are throwing themselves into building renovations with gusto. Here in this churchyard at Rolleston in central Queensland, the missionary zeal with which they're attacking these old weatherboards is the real deal.

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