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Jun Kurosawa : Jesus with One Leg

Selected works vol.1

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Jun Kurosawa : Jesus with One Leg


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The  anthology of Japanese artist Jun Kurosawa’s short films is now remastered to Blu-ray and available for streaming.

His films constantly long for something, and simultaneously pursue a primitive desire of things. Kurosawa employs a harsh cinematic style, with an interest in humanity's dangerous relationships with technology.
Eight invaluable films are contained in this blu-ray. While these films received a high reputation for both domestic and international film festival, they were not available for a long time. here 1988, single-8, color, 7:33 min
2.BYE-BYE 1989, super-8, color, 2:34 min
3.TOKYO ANGEL HOSPITAL 1989, single-8, color, 13:59 min
4.JESUS WITH ONE LEG -2nd version  1994, 16mm, b&w + color, 11:32 min
5.Un Ange Passe 1995, 16mm, color, 14 min
6.pb 2003, dv, b&w, 2 min

THEORY OF ANGEL – Chapter 4 – 1989, Single-8 ⇒VHS tape, color, 10 min
MONOLOGUE IN MY BAD TASTE 1988, super-8, color, 4:36 min

Jun Kurosawa:
Born in 1964, Jun Kurosawa studied art science at the Tama Art University. While in college, he learned filmmaking by Sakumi Hagiwara. After graduation, he related not only to Japanese experimental film movements but also to Japanese contemporary art scene. His works contains a wide variety of artistic genres: industrial-music, performances, and opera.
Since 1989 numerous screenings and awards in Japan and abroad. As an example, solo exhibition metaphysical philosophy of light in Studio Arms [1990] , special screening A perfect hospital room in Ebisu East Gallery [1994] , and he has in charge of curation at the Ebisu international film festival [1996].

Item is available worldwide.

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