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Jim Davis - Visible Energy

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Jim Davis - Visible Energy

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Jim Davis started making films in 1946 and continued until his death (completing 113 films) to photograph his curved plastic sculpture, mobile-like structures that would hang in space, rotate and reflect/refract light into shifting pools and points of color. Abstract and mysterious to many spectators, these waves and streams of light were for Davis images of -the causative force of nature. He also made studies of architecture and of landscape, as well filmed his paintings and drawings, but using movement and energy as a starting point.

"This a kind of music made to be looked at - or a kind of abstract dance. There is a conscious attempt to invent forms which suggest - in wholly nonscientific terms - the new and unfamiliar world which modern science is revealing." - Jim Davis

Visible Energy

IMPULSES 1959, 16mm, sound
PERTAINING TO MARIN 1950-53, 16mm, sound
LIKE A BREEZE 1954, 16mm, silent
ENERGIES 1957, 16mm, sound
TALIESIN WEST 1950, 16mm, sound
TALIESIN EAST 1950, 16mm, silent
PERTAINING TO CHICAGO 1957, 16mm, sound

"Jim's films are a meditation on imagination of light." - Stan Brakhage

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