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Jeff Scher - Reasons to be Glad

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Jeff Scher - Reasons to be Glad


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NYC 1976 2 mins
Reasons to be Glad 1980 3:30 mins
Area Striata 1985 b/w 3:20 mins
Milk of Amnesia 1992 5:40 mins
Trigger Happy 1997 b/w 4:45 mins
Garden of Regrets 1994 6:45 mins
Yours 1997 3:15 mins
Post-Cards from Warren 1998 1 mins
Turkish Traffic 1998 3':15 mins
Ann Arbor Film Festival Trailer 1998 0:40
Bang Bang 1998 b/w 3:40 mins
Sid 1998 3:15 mins

"Some of these films started from the love of film and the greedy desire to fill every frame with as much color and shape as possible." Jeff Scher (1976-99) 

Jeff Scher is a New York-based filmmaker, animator and painter.
As an underground filmmaker, Scher uses lights, abstractions and visual effects all paired with music to create experimental short films. His films have been described as animated still life as they are made from various drawings in which the images change to trigger responses within the human mind. He uses his paintings and collages by overlapping the colors and textures to seem as if they are in fact “moving” in a hypnotic fashion. (Wikipedia)

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